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What is Parvo Virus Infection?

Canine Parvovirus Infection in Dogs

The canine parvovirus (CPV) infection is a highly contagious viral illness that affects dogs. The virus manifests itself in two different forms. The more common form is the intestinal form, which is characterized by vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, and lack of appetite (anorexia). The less common form is the cardiac form, which attacks the heart muscles of very young puppies, often leading to death. The majority of cases are seen in puppies that are between six weeks and six months old. The incidence of canine parvovirus infections has been reduced radically by early vaccination in young puppies.

Symptoms and Types of Parvovirus in Dogs

The major symptoms associated with the intestinal form of a canine parvovirus infection include severe, bloody diarrhea, lethargy, anorexia, fever, vomiting, and severe weight loss. The intestinal form of CPV affects the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, and an affected animal will quickly become dehydrated and weak from lack of protein and fluid absorption. The wet tissue of the mouth and eyes may become noticeably red and the heart may beat too rapidly. When your veterinarian palpates (examine by touch) your dog’s abdominal area, your dog may respond with pain or discomfort. Dogs that have contracted CPV may also have a low body temperature (hypothermia), rather than a fever.

Causes of Parvo in Dogs

Most cases of CPV infections are caused by a genetic alteration of the original canine parvovirus: the canine parvovirus type 2b. There are a variety of risk factors that can increase a dog’s susceptibility to the disease, but mainly, the virus is transmitted either by direct contact with an infected dog, or indirectly, by the fecal-oral route. Heavy concentrations of the virus are found in an infected dog’s stool, so when a healthy dog sniffs an infected dog’s stool, it will contract the disease. The virus can also be brought into a dog’s environment by way of shoes that have come into contact with infected feces. There is evidence that the virus can live in ground soil for up to a year. It is resistant to most cleaning products, or even to weather changes. If you need to clean up a parvovirus-contaminated area, first pick up and safely dispose of all organic material (vomit, feces, etc.), and then thoroughly wash the area with a household bleach solution, one of the few disinfectants known to kill the virus.

Improper vaccination protocol and vaccination failure can also lead to a CPV infection. Breeding kennels and dog shelters that hold a large number of inadequately vaccinated puppies are particularly hazardous places. For unknown reasons, certain dog breeds, such as Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, Pit Bulls, Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, English Springer Spaniels, and Alaskan sled dogs, are particularly vulnerable to the disease. Diseases or drug therapies that suppress the normal response of the immune system may also increase the likelihood of infection.


Diagnosis of Parvovirus in Dogs

CPV is diagnosed with a physical examination, biochemical tests, urine analysis, abdominal radiographs, and abdominal ultrasounds. A chemical blood profile and a complete blood cell count will also be performed. Low white blood cell levels are indicative of CPV infection, especially in association with bloody stools. Biochemical and urine analysis may reveal elevated liver enzymes, lymphopenia, and electrolyte imbalances. Abdominal radiograph imaging may show intestinal obstruction, while an abdominal ultrasound may reveal enlarged lymph nodes in the groin, or throughout the body, and fluid-filled intestinal segments.

You will need to give a thorough history of your pet’s health, recent activities, and onset of symptoms. If you can gather a sample of your dog’s stool, or vomit, your veterinarian will be able to use these samples for microscopic detection of the virus.

Treatment for Canine Parvovirus

Since the disease is a viral infection, there is no real cure for it. Treatment is focused on curing the symptoms and preventing secondary bacterial infections, preferably in a hospital environment. Intensive therapy and system support are the key to recovery. Intravenous fluid and nutrition therapy is crucial in maintaining a dog’s normal body fluid after severe diarrhea and dehydration, and protein and electrolyte levels will be monitored and regulated as necessary. Medications that may be used in the treatment include drugs to curb vomiting (antiemetics), H2 Blockers to reduce nausea, antibiotics, and anthelmintics to fight parasites. The survival rate in dogs is about 70 percent, but death may sometimes result from severe dehydration, a severe secondary bacterial infection, bacterial toxins in the blood, or a severe intestinal hemorrhage. Prognosis is lower for puppies, since they have a less developed immune system. It is common for a puppy that is infected with CPV to suffer shock, and sudden death.

Living and Management

Even after your dog has recovered from a CPV infection, it will still have a weakened immune system, and will be susceptible to other illnesses. Talk to your veterinarian about ways by which you can boost your dog’s immune system, and otherwise protect your dog from situations that may make it ill. A diet that is easily digested will be best for your dog while it is recovering.

Your dog will also continue to be a contagion risk to other dogs for at least two months after the initial recovery. You will need to isolate your dog from other dogs for a period of time, and you may want to tell neighbors who have dogs that they will need to have their own pets tested. Wash all of the objects your dog uses (e.g., dishes, crate, kennel, toys) with non-toxic cleaners. Recovery comes with long-term immunity against the parvovirus, but it is no guarantee that your pet will not be infected with the virus again.

Prevention of Parvo in Dogs

The best prevention you can take against CPV infection is to follow the correct protocol for vaccination. Young puppies should be vaccinated at six, nine, and twelve weeks, and should not be socialized with outside dogs until at least two weeks after their last vaccinations. High-risk breeds may require a longer initial vaccination period of up to 22 weeks.

After what happen to our dogs. We’ve learned a lot. Act fast before it’s too late.


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Pringles and Peanut Story..

October 20, 2014 – Our dog Porkchop gave birth with two cutie little puppies. We named them as Peanut (black puppy) and Pringles (brown puppy).


After a year, Pringles suddenly became weak. He loses appetite and suddenly he can’t stand, he can’t walk. The lower part of his body became weak. It’s like he got half body paralyzed. That time, we just moved to our new house. We did not know where the nearest veterinary clinic. We tried to look for vet clinic and we found one but it’s too expensive so we decide to gave him some medicines like we usually do to our dogs when they get sick.

After a month, Pringles died.

Peanut (the brown pup) grown fast. Such a sweet dog. He always sat on my lap whenever I take him a bath.

Year 2017, last month. Peanut suddenly became weak. just like what happen to his brother Pringles. lost his appetite, can’t walk, his lower body suddenly became weak. We contact our neighbor who is a licensed veterinarian. She said Peanut has symptoms of Parvo virus. But it’s too late for treatment because the virus is already spread to Peanuts body. We had no choice.

January 27, 2017 – Peanut died.


We are not aware what is Parvo virus about. I grew up with doggies in our family. They live a happy life with us until they get old.

What is Parvo virus? How can we prevent it? is it hereditary or something? damn..


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2017 Upcoming Movies

In just a few weeks, we will say bye bye 2016 . . Hello to 2017!!

Are you guys excited for the upcoming movies?

Here are the list :

Power Rangers

Power Rangers

  • March 24th, 2017
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How To Lose Stomach Fat Overnight Literally with this so Called “Fat Loss Bomb”

Oh my.. i wanna try this..

In case you want to find out a way of losing stomach fat overnight, read this article and find out about the most effective liquid “bomb” which will help you lose your stomach fat overnight.

Source: How To Lose Stomach Fat Overnight Literally with this so Called “Fat Loss Bomb”

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Silence could kill you..

I would like to share one of my misadventure way back 2013..

I was 32 years old that time. I have irregular menstruation from the start. my period came not the every month cycle but after every two months. I never felt any pain or any strange feeling before so I am not scared or aware what is happening inside my body. and I heard that some people has irregular menstruation like me. until that day happen.

August 28, 2013.. It all started with the pain on my lower abdomen. I thought it was just a simple dysmenorrhea. I usually do hot compress whenever I encountered this kind of pain. but that day, I wonder why the pain won’t go or not even lessen the pain. this time, the pain is getting worst. I cried writhing in pain, I can’t even stand or sit straight.

My mom told me to take some pain reliever, but it doesn’t work. my cousin gave me a red wine and then later they told me to drink a bottle of beer. just to lessen the pain. but all of those didn’t work. I don’t drink, I only got dizzy with those beer and red wine.

On the next day, the pain still there. i couldn’t even get some sleep that day so they decided to rush me to the hospital.

1st stop. Jose Reyes Hospital (Avenida, Sta.Cruz Manila).. I’m with my sister, from Imus Cavite 26km away to Manila (we just moved on to our new house for about 1month that day so we didn’t know where was the best and nearest hospital).. i endure all the pain.i can’t barely walk. we travel from our house to the hospital.

At the Jose Reyes Hospital Emergency room, it was so crowded. I had my urine laboratory and after 1 hour. they told us that I had a Urinary Tract Infection or UTI. Doctor prescribe me antibiotic for pain reliever then they told me to go home and be back for follow up check up.

We went to our old house in Manila. one of my sisters lives there so it’s okay. Doctor told me to take antibiotic. The next day I wonder why even I take those antibiotic, the pain didn’t even change. the severe pain level is the same. My sisters decided to rush me again to the hospital even that day is already late at night we return to the hospital we came from. At the emergency room, they injected me a pain reliever so I can be relieved. it works but for just half an hour and I started to feel the pain. I cried writhing in pain again.

2nd stop. Gat Andres Hospital (Binondo, Manila).. The next day, my sisters rushed me for the 3rd time to the emergency room but this time at The Gat Andres Hospital.they immediately assist me. I had my blood and urine laboratory. The doctor asks me questions while pressing my painful lower abdomen. Their findings.. appendicitis.. but that time my laboratory test was not released yet. I don’t know where they get those findings. I think they just assumed that I had an appendicitis because I was holding my lower abdomen and that was the appendix portion.
after an hour, my CBC result released and it was negative. but the doctor still insists that it could be possible that the pain is due to appendicitis. BUT.. they told me they can’t confine me due to lack of equipment.. they told us to go to another hospital which has a complete facilities and equipment. I was shocked, we are all shocked. We keep thinking where and what hospital could be.we can’t afford private hospitals.private hospitals here in our country always look after for how much money you could pay before they entertain you.

We went back to the first hospital we came from. The Jose Reyes was so available bed for those in pain chairs available as well. The information lady told us if we want to be entertain by doctors. we have to really wait patiently because it was so crowded. too many patients are waiting. she even ask me if is it okay if I will sit on the monoblock chair. then the information lady asks me to jump. I said “why should I jump?” the lady said so she can be determined if it’s really appendicitis. I was so in pain, I can’t even stand straight, I can’t even walk then they want me to jump? what the heck.I was so frustrated. I almost cried that time. we decided to move to another hospital.. again..

3rd stop same day. San Lazaro Hospital (behind Jose Reyes Hospital)..  at the emergency room..they immediately assist me in spite of too many patients are waiting because they saw me dying in pain.. same as the doctor from Gat Andres Hospital told us. I might have appendicitis because I’m holding my lower abdomen. BUT .. they can’t admit me as well because they don’t have a surgeon. their hospital is not for surgery concerns.

I cried so hard that night. I was dying in pain. I feel desperate. nobody wants to accept me. nobody wants to cure me. I feel so down that time. I told to my sisters “let’s go home”. my sisters cried as well but they are trying to be strong for me. They think the last option. private hospital – Chinese General Hospital. don’t think about the money. the important is I’m gonna be cured. they called a tricycle (on of the public vehicle here in Manila). I am really screaming in pain so the driver speeds up his tricycle.

4th Stop same day. Chinese General Hospital Emergency room.. they immediately assist me, asking lots of questions even I’m in really really in pain. doctors keep pressing my painful lower abdomen. I endure it because they said they have to do it.they even checked my butt. they do so many tests on me but I endure the pain because they said they have to do it. the next day they ultrasound me twice.. ultrasound on my lower abdomen and the other one is the rectal ultrasound .. it was my 1st time to undergo for a rectal ultrasound and it’s not a joke, it’s painful. after an comes the result.

I have an ovarian cyst. 11cm on the right side, two small cysts on the left side. I supposed to schedule for the operation. but my sister reminds the doctors that I have a heart condition. The doctor said it was necessary during my operation, my cardio doctor is with me to assist or monitor. but my cardio doctor is 19 km away. we have to contact my cardio doctor because he only knows my history. or else I have to undergo for a series of the test because they didn’t know my heart condition history.and that would be a big hassle because the OB-Gyne told us that they to remove the cyst immediately or else it could explode and my ovary could be damage.

One of my sister called my cardio doctor. she told everything about my situation. my cardio doctor told my sister that bring me to UDMC Hospital which is he had a clinic on that hospital. My cardio doctor is not just a cardio doctor. he is also an internal medicine specialist.

5th stop and last stop at long last for God sake. UDMC Hospital (Quezon ave). they assist me immediately because my cardio doctor told them that I was his patient. I undergo for some then they admitted me immediately.


My cardio doctor explained all about my condition. he said that I have a DERMOID CYST. it was an inborn cyst. a congenital cyst and now I’m grown up the cyst grow as well. but due to the size of the cyst. my ovary can’t take it that why I feel severe pain.

September 3, 2013.. 6 am, it’s time to go to the operating room.




It was my 1st time to undergo for an operation. I don’t know what to feel, don’t know what to do. I just watch the doctors around me what their doing. inside the operating room, they put gadgets on was connected to the machine. one for the heartbeat, one for the automatic blood pressure. before the operation, doctors said my body temperature must adjust to the operating room they let me on the operating room for an hour.wearing hospital gown only with gadgets attached on me. and then past 7 am, they shaved my lower part as well as my lower abdomen part. quarter to 8 lots of doctors came in.they introduced themselves to me one by one. 5mins before 8 am anesthesiologist came and told me that he will start to inject me.he said that I will start to feel sleepy.
the moment he injects it to my dextrose, I instantly felt dizzy. everything is moving around in circles until I got totally unconscious.

1 pm or 2 pm afternoon.. I woke up and I noticed that I was on the unfamiliar room. I just saw the sign on the wall and I didn’t know I was on the recovery room already. that time I felt my stitches pain. I saw a doctor and it told her “doc, it’s painful” the she said, ” it’s natural, don’t worry you have a pain reliever on your dextrose” after a minute, they bring me back to my room. Thank God the operation was successful.

At my room, my doctor told me that they removed my right ovary. it was totally damaged due to the cyst 11 cm size. but my left ovary survives because they remove two small cysts only. it means that if there will be 50-50 chance for me to have a child. sad but I know everything happens for a reason.

This is the bloated cyst on my right ovary


and this is the small ones on my left ovary


This is me after the operation


They put a catheter on me.It was my 1st time to be inserted with catheter.. ouch..! I didn’t expect how painful after the catheter pulled out. Ouch!!

after that, I can’t pee on bed pan..i have to pee but I don’t know why they don’t come out. I felt like my kidney will explode. My mom calls a doctor and they used “sonda” so I can pee.
This is “sonda” they put this to me so I can pee. I can’t stand up to go to the bathroom, I can’t pee on bed pan. another painful experience to me. Ouch..! but after that, I felt so relieved and felt so light.
Doctor told me that I should train myself to pee on a bed pan or else they will put again a catheter on me. so I was like.. OMG! no way!!.. so I pulled myself over. I tried to sit first with the help of my sister. then I tried to stand up and walk to the bathroom. I will endure the pain just not to put the catheter again or the sonda again.


2nd up to the 3rd day after my successful operation. My doctor told me that I can eat any kind of soup already. It’s been 4 days since my stomach got empty due to laboratory exams that I got from different hospitals that I came from. but anyway, I am so happy that I can eat already.


3 days after my successful operation. I’m okay. they removed my dextrose. I can eat solid food but soft foods or soft diet only.
My doctor told me that I could be released on the next day. so they checked my wounds, they clean it and they thought us how to clean it.
September 7, 2013. Thank God I’m out of the hospital!

Super Thankful for all the Blessings.

I have to learn that even you don’t feel pain or any strange feeling inside your body. you must be aware and don’t get lazy to go to see your doctor. and the last thing that I have learned. There is always a rainbow after the rain.










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Be Strong for yourself..


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Something to think about..

Seems like everybody can relate to this..



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Hey 2016..before 2015 ends i told you be gentle on us. but you started a year with a big bang..

December 31, 2016.. Everyone is celebrating New Year’s eve. We play loud party music. my nephews and nieces  enjoying and dancing with my ate (ah-teh means older sister) anali.

January 1, 2016.. past 2 am we already sleep. everybody was wasted.

January 1, 2016 me and my ate anali woke up 6 am in the morning to fetch our older sister. she’s working at call center and unfortunately she spent Christmas and New Years eve at the office.  That day most of us had an headache due to lack of sleep. but ate anali told us her headache got worst.

January 2, 2016.. ate anali woke up with terrible headache and her lips got wry. we got panicked and we rushed her to the hospital. doctor told us that my sister got stroked. her left side of her body got paralyzed. they put NGT tube on her because her tongue affected. she can’t swallow any food even water. we cry a lot, everybody is so stressed and worry about the situation of our sister.

January 5, 2016.. The doctor released my sister from confinement. but her NGT tube still intact. their reason was, the hospital was too crowded. the ward was too crowded that’s why they confined my sister at the emergency room only. doctor says my sister might get a lot of infections from other patients since the hospital was too crowded. so we have no choice but to bring my sister home.

January 6, 2016.. 7am morning, I was able to feed my sister through her NGT tube. one of the procedure was to listen her stomach first by using stethoscope if there was a sound of bubbles. it means the NGT tube was in a proper position. but that time, there was a  brownish red fluid coming out to her tube. we all freak out and we rushed her again to the hospital. but the hospital who admitted my sister told us their so over crowded and there was no room for my sister. there was no bed available but if we insist, my sister will sit on the chair only. and one of the mean doctor suggested that we must go to other hospital because my sister must undergo for endoscopy which they don’t have that kind of equipment. we think that we have no choice so i asked for referral letter so other hospital will entertain us. but they insist that medical abstract and other medical records are enough.

We go to other hospital but they didn’t accept us because we didn’t have referral letter or even phone call informing them about the situation.  I called my sister, i asked her if she could call the hospital we came from. ask if they could make a phone call. but the hospital insist that they don’t do that kind of stuff. I cry so hard that night. i don’t know what to do, where should we go. we tried to go to the nearest private hospital but they will look up for money first before they assist you. but since we dress like we woke up from the bed. they didn’t entertain us. but they taught us how to remove those brownish red fluid coming out from the NGT tube of my sister.

January 8, 2016.. follow up check up of my sister from the hospital she admitted. at the OPD, while my sister had an interview with the doctor. she fainted. we found out that her blood pressure suddenly drop down to 70/50 and her sugar went down. they rushed my sister to the emergency room. at first there was no bed available so my sister was sitting on the wheel chair only. later on one of the patient was released and we occupy the bed. i told the doctor what happen after they told us to move on to other hospitals. they can’t believe what happen to us that night. so they tried to cure my sister as they can.

January 10,2016.. everything was good. my sister was going fine. she can talk clearly. she can laugh already. her lips are not wry anymore. then her doctor tested her NGT tube if there will a brownish red fluid come out. Thank God everything is clear. they pull out her NGT tube. my sister was so happy. doctor says she can drink water first then tomorrow morning she can try to eat soft food.

January 11, 2016.. my sister is out of the hospital. doctors says she could eat soft diet for 2 weeks. she’s okay now, her blood pressure is already stable. but the left side of her body got weak. she can’t walk alone. she can’t stand alone. she must have a therapy. but we know she will be back to normal soon..

2016.. please be kind to us.. no more crying moments please.. no more hospital moments please..

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Something to think about..

Quote for today :

Hold on and Be Brave..



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I love Dogs

Meet our babies..


A 3 years old girl ( on human calendar) mixed breed of Japanese Spits and Golden Retriever dog. ang napaka lambing and pa-baby na doggie.. gusto nya lagi syang pinapansin. lagi syang hinihimas at kinakamutan ng tyan. napaka kulit. pag nangangalabit wagas.. kahit anong gawin mo sa kanya okay lang..di sya ganun ka tapang pero pag me ibang tao na sa bahay. di sya kakahol..susubaybayan nya lang yung kilos. pag me dinampot na gamit yung bisita.. lagot na..

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A 3 years old girl but we’re not sure what breed she is. we just bought it from our neighbor. she’s a talking dog.. she always have a reply when we talk to her. she always say “bowowow..” and she call my sister “momo..” my sister always feed them. when she saw my sister preparing for their food. porkchop always shout “momo..!”.  She had a kid and we named them peanut and pringles. but unfortunately, after a year pringles died.

Porkchop loves to talk, loves to bark, loves to play, loves to cuddle always. she’s a brave dog. sa sobrang tapang nya, nakagat na nya dalawang bata. nadikit lang sa gate ng bahay kinagat na. we don’t know why but she’s angry with our neighbor kids. whenever she saw or heard kids playing outside. tahol sya ng tahol..

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